XENO Uganda bags prestigious CMA Award

XENO Uganda bags prestigious CMA Award

Uganda's investment scene is undergoing a quiet revolution, and at the forefront is XENO Investment, a Ugandan founded Investment Managment company. At the Annual Capital Markets Authority Collective Investment Schemes Awards held on June 27, 2024, XENO was awarded Best Fund Manager in the category of highest year-on-year growth of investment accounts having achieved a 121% annual compounded growth in number of investment accounts for the five-year period ended in March 2024.  XENO is truly transforming the way Ugandans approach their financial futures.

Just five years ago, Ugandan investment was a world reserved for the elite. Restricted by high minimum investments and limited access to traditional investment channels, less than 1% of Ugandans actively participated in the market, with a total value of a mere UGX 155 billion. Today, the landscape is unrecognizable. The market has ballooned to 3 trillion UGX as Ugandans of all backgrounds take control of their finances. 

A driver of this change is XENO’s pioneering approach to investment.  We recognized the barriers traditional investment channels present and our focus on goal-based investing moved beyond fads to creating personalized strategies for each client based on their needs. To bridge this gap, we offer free financial planning tools and investment services readily available on our web and mobile application. But the most significant move was partnering with MTN MoMo, Uganda's leading mobile money platform, making investment accessible via USSD, without connecting to the internet.

This partnership presented significant opportunities for Ugandans to grow their  investments effortlessly by free transfer  of funds   from their MTN MoMo wallets  directly to their XENO investment accounts and automating a saving habit through XENO AutoSave that allows automatic daily, weekly and monthly savings from mobile money towards your investments without transaction costs as well.   This partnership is ripping down the walls of entry, allowing Ugandans to bypass traditional systems. 

Now, with just UGX 10,000 (US $3) and their mobile phone, everyday Ugandans can invest their savings and benefit from a premium investment management service – all at their fingertips. This financial inclusion is particularly crucial in a country where a significant portion of the population relies on cash transactions. XENO doesn't just offer investment; we've made it accessible and relevant to the Ugandan way of life. 

The impact is undeniable. We currently serve over 100,000 investors including previously excluded groups like small business owners and people in the ‘informal sector’. These individuals, traditionally marginalized by high investment thresholds, are now actively building their financial security. With small, regular deposits, they can invest towards long-term goals like their children's education, a prospect unimaginable just a few years ago. The success stories are multiplying. Young investors like Pappali Leornard, who began their journey unsure of their specific goals, are achieving milestones like car ownership, thanks to XENO's platform. These examples highlight the transformative power of accessible investment opportunities. 

XENO's recognition by the Capital Markets Authority is a testament to our groundbreaking approach. As we continue to empower Ugandans and democratize investment, XENO is not just changing the financial landscape – we are building a more secure and prosperous future for all Ugandans. 

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