XENO launches goal-based investing via USSD on MTN Mobile Money

XENO launches goal-based investing via USSD on MTN Mobile Money

With as little as UGX 10,000, you can now plan, save, and invest for your financial goals using MTN Mobile Money (*165*4*4#*, Merchant Code: XENO). XENO in partnership with MTN Uganda has built the USSD service to enable you conveniently access professional investment guidance to help you reach your financial goals.

XENO’s mission is to help the average person plan, save, and invest for their financial goals. Our goal-based investment services have only been accessible online on our website and thousands of people have used them to come up with investment plans and invest for their financial goals.

The investment planning tools we built replicate a conversation you would have with a professional investment advisor anywhere in the world. Such a conversation would start with: what is your investment goal, how long are you investing for, what is your financial situation, and then based on the answers; you get a recommended course of action.

We have now transformed what was previously only possible on the web onto *165*4*4#*, Merchant Code: XENO in order to reach a broader audience, especially the MTN mobile money users.

Just as we did with our website, using *165*4*4#*, XENO, one starts by selecting an investment goal and then makes an initial investment towards that goal. We strongly believe that one should not start investing without an articulated goal in mind. You can select from several goals (e.g. secure retirement, build wealth, fund education, own a home, fund emergencies, etc.) and conveniently deposit into your XENO investment account daily, weekly, monthly, or whenever you some spare money

XENO then invests your money using our four unit trust funds (XENO Uganda Money Market Fund, XENO Uganda Bond Fund, XENO Uganda Domestic Equity Fund, and XENO Uganda Regional Equity Fund). This means you will have a diversified and professionally managed investment portfolio whose performance you can monitor using MTN *165*4*4#, XENO.

You can run several accounts within the same profile. For example, you might have a personal account (where you have retirement, wealth, and emergencies goals), a joint account with your spouse (where you have the education and home goals), and a group account with your investment club, SACCO, or retirement scheme.

You can set investment targets for any of the goals. For example, if you are investing for retirement, XENO can help you estimate what retirement is going to cost (which becomes an investment target), and then provide advice about how much to save monthly in order to reach the retirement target.

Lastly, you can withdraw part or all of your money from your investment account at any time. It normally takes three business days to process and pay the withdraw request.

The kicker is that you can open an investment account, deposit money on it, set targets, withdraw, and monitor investment performance and progress towards your financial goals anytime, anywhere on MTN *165*4*4#, XENO.

Start from as little as UGX 10,000

Saving money is an excellent first step toward financial freedom. Start your journey today.

XENO and our partners execute your investments using a diversified portfolio of unit trust funds ensuring the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct.

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From as little as UGX 10,000

Saving money is an excellent first step toward financial freedom. XENO helps you to invest your savings and grow your wealth over time.